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You can get legal assistance from the Chicago attorneys at Gordon F. Gault, P.C.:

  • Chicago Business Lawyer
    • When you need to set up a limited liability corporation (LLC)
  • Chicago Commercial Real Estate Lawyer
    • When you need to buy or sell a commercial property
      • Size is no object, recently closed a 71 unit apartment building
      • Contract negotiation
      • Due diligence like inspection problems or changing the survey
      • All closing documents
  • Chicago Estate Planning and Administration Lawyer
    • Living trusts for individuals and families
  • Chicago Guardianship Lawyer
    • Minors
      • No minor can receive inheritance or settlement.
      • Money must be deposited into a bank account until majority.
      • Certain uses of the money may be permitted by court order.
    • Adults with disabilities
      • This is a more complicated matter than with minors.
      • Money must be put under court supervision.
      • Court orders stipulate all uses of money.
      • There may be disputes.
      • Anything other than an emergency will be by court order only.
  • Chicago Probate Lawyer
    • Probate estates with or without a will
    • Recently solved the problem of setting up a transfer to a non-heir with only a majority consent of the heirs.
    • Another recent matter required geneology research to determine potential heirs when no close family was available.

Whether you have questions about wills and trusts, business issues or commercial real estate transactions, you can expect a hands-on, personal approach to your situation. Gordon Gault will take the time to talk with you about your matter. He will clearly explain the legal process and appropriate strategies depending on your goals and circumstances. He strives always to return all phone calls the same day.

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