Chicago Attorney, Gordon F. Gault P.C.

Inheritance amendment for probate case

In a probate estate case of note, Attorney Gault filed petition to have heirship amended to provide for distant family members as heirs rather than the State of Illinois. The Estate funds had been deposited with the County to hold until a valid claim by heirs or the money would escheat to the State..


A petition was made for distant family members was complicated because the decedent was had no spouse or children.  Her mother and father were deceased.  The decedent was born out of wedlock so the mother’s heirs had to prove that the mother provided support to the child and the father did not.  Once the mother was established as a valid heir, then the survivors of the mother’s family were able to be heirs of the estate.

The total assets of the estate were $380,000 to be divided among the mother’s family.